This Week/Feb 13 2017: Big Band Video 9/Tribute

Here is the 9th video in our Big Band Course. Here we discuss the song “Tribute”. This tune is slow “Count Basie” type swing. In this video we discuss the ins and outs of playing this style, and how to approach it again without a click. The movement of this type of music is very specific. Slow swing can be quite difficult if you haven’t worked on it, so its important to be aware of the various elements of how it breaks down.

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Previous Video: Feb 6 2017: Big Band Video 8: Slo Funk

In this video we discuss the song “Slo Funk”. Here again, we discuss recording without a click. From the standpoint of replacing another drummers part, or just being the last instrument on the session, working on playing with this track minus click can be very beneficial. Also here we discuss various aspects of the "8" Beat.

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